December 2022 update: Windhorse Farm has received a new name to represent the change of care to the Mi’kmaq. We are honoured to share the new name and announce that it will now be known as Asitu’lɨsk which translates to that which brings you balance.

Asitu’lɨsk (previously known as Windhorse Farm) is nestled on the shore of Atuomkuk/Wentzell Lake of the Pijnuiskaq/LaHave River Watershed. It is a place where the ancestors of the Mi’kmaq flourished for thousands of years in Sin So’sepe’katik/Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

This rare and ancient forest and organic permaculture gardens hold host to an eco-friendly conference lodge, a century-old farmhouse and rustic barn, charming off-grid forest cabins, a wood products facility, pristine lake access, and kilometres of forest walking trails that make up the beauty and existence of the land in which beautifully transcends its place name that which brings you balance is fitting for Asitu’lɨsk.

For 150 years, the Wentzell Family (the original settlers) resisted damaging the natural essence of the forest. They protected the land for future generations by practicing sustainable forestry and agriculture.

The Drescher family have cared for and enhanced it over the last 30 years, which made it possible for thousands of others to experience its unique and powerful healing qualities. The Dreschers were supported by a group of nine “Forest Families” who shared their passion for the land and their commitment to its protection.

The Drescher’s dream has always been to return Windhorse Farm to the Mi’kmaq – the original people of this land, Mi’kma’ki. In December of 2021, that time has finally come to fruition. Through a combination of purchase and gift, Windhorse Farm has been transferred to the Ulnooweg Education Centre, an Indigenous-led registered charity serving Atlantic Canada.

Asitu’lɨsk (Windhorse Farm) will become a place of learning, healing and gathering. It will be a place to connect with Mother Nature, to learn about culture, language, ecology, health, science, and to heal and grow. The primary focus will align with land-based learning and healing for people of all ages, but especially for children and youth to explore and learn from the land.

This ancient forest will be protected forever, and Windhorse Farm will be a place for the Indigenous communities to welcome all who wish to come and learn.

As a charitable organization, the Ulnooweg Education Centre seeks support for the costs of Asitu’lɨsk, repair and for the development and delivery of educational programs. It is our goal to become mortgage-free and offer a safe space for unique cultural experiences.

Update: Over the past year, Asitu’lɨsk has already made strides in being a unique space to hold educational Land-Based programming, ceremonial events and gatherings of youth, elders and community. We’ve also worked very hard to maintain and repair materials and infrastructure  such as wood stoves and heating throughout the buildings and also upkeep the grounds, bridges, outdoor structures and trails. With the repair of two new roofs coming in the next year.

Please consider supporting us as we continue establish Asitu’lɨsk as place of learning, healing and balance to our world. You can donate online by clicking the “Donate Today” button below to support us in this journey. Wela’liek.

Cheques can be made to Ulnooweg Education Centre on behalf of Asitu’lɨsk and mailed to:

4 Stanley Johnson Street
Millbrook, NS B6L 5B4

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