From building robotic arms to exploring fields of applied oceanic science, our Project-Based Science program offers an exceptional team of experts supporting this youth-specific project series while helping to build professional portfolios and advanced skills in STEAM. This program is typically for grades 7-12. However, projects can often be adapted and developed for students in grades 4 – 6 upon consultation and further planning with schools and educators.

Project-based Science

Available Programs:

Robotic Arm and AI

Robotic arms are seen in hundreds of real-world applications, from manufacturing cars on an assembly line, to surgery in a hospital, to flipping burgers in state-of-the-art commercial kitchens. The Robot Arm & AI workshop introduces students to robotics, coding, and circuitry concepts that bring our 3D printed robotic arm to life! This incredible program is meant for students to think critically, problem-solve and experience this type of technology in real-time.

Recommended Grade: P-4, 46, 7-9 and 10-12 
Maximum # of students per delivery: 10-15
Program Length: 1 x 3 hour module (3 hours total)

Underwater ROV

The Ocean covers over 70% of the Earths surface, and an additional 3% is covered with fresh water. Exploration of the great majority of these vast underwater worlds had only been made possible with the invention of robots that can go where humans simply can’t. With the help of professional engineers and biologists, students will be introduced exciting underwater world. Students will be guided through the necessary steps to imagine, design, and create their very own tethered Underwater ROV to take home, and begin exploring.

Recommended Grade: 10-12
Maximum # of students per delivery:
10-12 (inquire within for more students)
Program Length:
4 x 3 hour modules (12 hours total)

Upcoming Programs:

Prosthetic Limb

Using 3D modelling and design concepts, participants will be guided through a set of activities revolved around the 3D-printed prosthetic hand “Phoenix Hand V3” designed and distributed by the non-profit e-Nable project. The prosthetic hand is a STEM-based curriculum aimed at introducing students to the biomedical engineering sector, including biomechanics, prosthetics, and rehabilitation. It introduces students to career paths and volunteer opportunities in these areas. Students will be introduced to anatomical concepts related to prosthetics operations, alongside the STEM career behind the creation of medical technology, such as prosthetics, involving said concept.

Recommended Grade: 10-12
Maximum # of students per delivery: 10
Program Length: 2 x 3 hour modules (6 hours total)

The Tiny Worlds of the L’nu: Microscopy and Plant Database

This project takes participants on a journey through the tiny by incorporating topics in optics, biology, geology, and more. Using their very own microscope and suite of scientific tools, participants will conduct experiments and learn about observational science and data collection via the creation of the Tiny Worlds of the L’nu website and database.  Students will be able to identify common plant diseases and be able to monitor change and general species health all over Atlantic Canada and continue to contribute to the scientific community.

Living Off the Grid: Renewable and Sustainable Energy

In our current climate crisis, current trends are leaning towards leaving a minimal carbon footprint and living a “green” lifestyle through sustainable practices. The Renewable Energy, Helical Turbine, is all about how we currently power the world and how we will in the future. In the three days of the program, we will cover the fundamentals of renewable energy, provide an introduction to electricity and electric power, and learn the physics of wind turbines. The program culminates with the build of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that can generate off-grid energy anywhere there’s a breeze.

We acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

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Enriched STEAM Curriculum

Enriched STEAM Curriculum

This interactive digital skills-based curriculum series is focused on introducing Indigenous students in grades 4-12 to the core fundamentals of coding, robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, animation, web development, and 3D modeling.

Math with Dash

Math with Dash

In combination with the versatile and ever-popular Dash Robots, this hands-on curriculum series focuses on advancing numeracy skills and mashing it up with the foundations of learning in robotics and coding. Teachers will gain valuable skills in effectively utilizing digital devices like Dash, while gaining experience in coding and robotics.



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