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Welcome to Backyard Science, a FREE online curriculum-connected and culturally connected educational resource. These highly visual resources allow you and your students to explore topics in science and learn about Indigenous ways of knowing and some of our favourite stories.

Initially created to help support students during an unprecedented time with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. At a time of uncertainty, while students were starting their first at-home learning journey, we wanted to encourage our youth to explore their own backyards as their very own living-learning lab.

Throughout this nine-part series, each edition focuses on different topics in science paired with activities to help facilitate an interactive learning environment. Each edition connects directly to the 2019 provincial learning outcomes in science for grade Primary to grade 12.  Join us for this learning journey that supports both literacy and math, and undertake the activities, challenges, and additional resources found along the way.  You’ll find yourself way ahead of the game in science education regardless of your age.