Math with Dash Online

Pjila’si, Educators! Math with Dash Online, is a free self-guided online teacher resource. Featuring Wonder Workshop’s Dash robot, we use learning apps that engage children in building math and coding skills while having fun. This online course features easy-to-use device guides, video tutorials, and lesson templates aligned with your classroom curriculum needs. All you need is a Dash robot, a mobile device, and an internet connection.


What is Math with Dash?

Math with Dash Online is a virtual resource that provides math activities for grades Pre-Primary to Six students to perform with Dash robots which have been provided in the Community Makerspaces in 13 NS Mi’kmaw Communities and Etl-kiste’tasik (urban makerspace in Charlottetown, PE in collaboration with Ulnooweg Education Centre and STEAM PEI).


How to get started:

This free online program will show you how to implement activities to engage students in different topics of math.
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Materials needed:

  • Dash Robot (accessible in 13 Mi’kmaw communities in NS)
  • Mobile device (tablet or phone)
  • Access to Internet (FREE downloadable app)

Looking for support? 

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