Mlkiknewawti (mel-gig-new-oh-di), meaning that which gives you strength in Mi’kmaq, invites Indigenous youth to learn together on the land this summer.

The Mlkiknewawti Land-based Education Program brings students entering grades 9-12 together at Asitu’lɨsk, a 200-acre preserve of pristine Nova Scotia forest, and is now being offered in Unama’ki. The program is led by staff and instructors from SuperNOVA and the Ulnooweg Education Centre.

Registration for Mlkiknewawti is open! Register here.



Program dates: July 16-25, 2024
Program location: TBD
Cost: This program is free of charge
Eligibility: Indigenous high school students entering grades 9-12


Program Dates: Aug 7-16, 2024
Program Location: Asitu’lɨsk, 129 Sarty Road, Wentzells Lake, NS
Cost: This program is free of charge
Eligibility: Indigenous high school students in Nova Scotia entering grades 9-12

Teenagers in two-person canoes sit at the edge of a lake on a sunny day.

About This Program

Working with Indigenous partners, Elders and Knowledge Keepers, the program centres community priorities and educational goals through land-based activities that provide students with opportunities to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) through a lens that integrates western science with Traditional Knowledge. This approach, termed Etuaptmumk (Two-Eyed Seeing), encourages land-based learning and understanding as participants explore STEAM concepts through a hands-on, experiential methodology while fostering real-world connections between themselves and STEAM.

This 10-day program is accredited by the Nova Scotia Department of Education. This means that participants can claim their high school credits this September!