The Financial Review is a dedicated program for interested Indigenous community leaders where our primary focus is to deliver and educate on a comprehensive, iterative, and historical review of in-depth financial information. We aim to provide Chief and Councils a better understanding of their government finances, help manage debt and avoid financial difficulty within their communities.  

Financial Programs

Financial Review Program

“Debt is an essential tool to build safe, healthy, and modern communities, it can bootstrap you to prosperity, develop your resources, grow your economy, create jobs, and make life better for your people. But debt is like a power tool: when it gets out of control, things turn into a nightmare and progress can grind to a stop for a generation. Our community report process is about making sure debt works for us.”
– Chief Terrance Paul, Membertou First Nation  

We currently service communities across the Atlantic provinces, Quebec and British Columbia. We strive to bring the financial data together and present it to community leaders in order to identify problem areas, financial trends, compare debt and financing and integrate a long-term community debt and investment decision-making process. This open program is available to Indigenous communities across North America.


Financial Review Benefits:  

  • Translates large amounts of complex data into graph form, making it easier to visualize 
  • Leads to a clearer understanding of current financial situation  
  • Assists in making informed investment and borrowing decisions  
  • Allows for a better sense of the relative value of financing options  
  • Supports newly elected Chief and Councils to quickly get a grasp on the community financial position during leadership changes 
  • Provides documented evidence to illustrate growth and financial position to interested parties


Our Finance Team:

Michelle Richard
Managing Director

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Darrell Hasiuk
Sr. Manager, Finance & Investments

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