Our Enriched STEAM Curriculum features a suite of interactive programs designed for in-class delivery and many hands-on learning tools. These programs are built to bridge the digital skills gap Indigenous communities face while increasing the interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) opportunities while inspiring youth to pursue careers in this sector.

Enriched STEAM Curriculum

Creative Computing

We are living in the information era where both personal and industrial computers are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Whether you’re designing the latest game, programming equipment in space, designing the world’s tallest tower, or finding the solutions to safe drinking water – it’s a computer that ultimately supports the important work you do. Computers were designed with a dedicated language, through programs like Python, Scratch and Tinkercad, we educate students on the language of the computer.  

3D Modelling

Today, many industries utilize 3D Modelling – from animation to medicine and architecture to space exploration. Throughout this introductory curriculum, students will be learning how to use various 3D modelling software and design their own 3D models using tools like 3D Slash and Tinkercad.


The wonderful world of animation is one that can connect people around the world—it allows people to express and share their stories and ideas in a way that can be understood by people of almost any age.  The techniques used to create animations have advanced since the early 1900’s, although some have stood the test of time. The three main types of animation that we cover in this curriculum are traditional, stop-motion and computer-generated. Students will take part in an interactive activity creating their own animations.

Web Development

In today’s day and age, if we’re looking to learn about something or someone the world wide web is where we generally start. If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve been on a website. Whether it is to check Facebook, watch funny cat videos or send an email; the internet is made up of millions and millions of websites – but how do they get there? In this workshop, students will learn the key roles of creating a website and learn HTML, CSS and web design. This is a key skill to complement any role in arts, science or even owning your own business.

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Math with Dash

Math with Dash

In combination with the versatile and ever-popular Dash Robots, this hands-on curriculum series focuses on advancing numeracy skills and mashing it up with the foundations of learning in robotics and coding. Teachers will gain valuable skills in effectively utilizing digital devices like Dash, while gaining experience in coding and robotics.

Project-Based Science

Project-Based Science

From building garbage-sorting robots to exploring fields of applied oceanic science, the Project-Based Science program offers advanced educational opportunities for youth to explore science in a fun and unique way while helping to build skill advancement in STEAM career paths.



Establishing or enhancing youth-oriented spaces by providing the educational tools to support ongoing learning and student-led initiatives in community.