The Ulnooweg Education Centre is an Indigenous-led registered charitable organization that empowers Indigenous communities through the advancement of education. It is one of three divisions of Ulnooweg. 

Our focus is on collaborative research, development, and delivery of educational programs and initiatives in science & innovation, agriculture, and financial literacy through a holistic approach of traditional values in Indigenous culture and language. 

In 2013, we were established as the Ulnooweg Financial Education Centre. The primary focus was to deliver a community financial review to interested Indigenous communities that aimed to provide a better understanding of First Nation government finances to community leaders to help manage debt and avoid financial difficulty in their communities.  

In 2020, we changed our name to the Ulnooweg Education Centre to represent a more inclusive education centre and reflect our expanded mandate that explores more areas of knowledge and education.

Ulnooweg Education Centre Team

Chris Googoo, Chief Operating Officer

Megan Wright, Project Manager, Science & Innovation

Chris Fitzner, Project Manager, Science & Innovation

Martha Barrett, Project Manager, Science & Innovation

Dawn-Marie Matheson, Program Coordinator, Agriculture

Tracy Marshall, Program Coordinator, Agriculture

Josephine McDonald, Office Administrator

Christopher Seymour, Junior Engineer, Science & Innovation

Matthew Paul, Junior Engineer, Science & Innovation

Thadakorn Narakol, Junior Engineer, Science & Innovation

Denise Whynot, Programs Coordinator, Seasonal Programs

Vaibhav, Education Facilitator, Science & Innovation

Seyit Tumturk, Education Facilitator, Science & Innovation

Alex Campbell, Education Facilitator, Science & Innovation

Samson Tang, Education Facilitator, Science & Innovation

Tiffany Morris, Digital Content Creator

Johnmond Ghaisen, Video Content Creator

Holly Edmonds, Communications & Engagement Coordinator

Sarah Power, Etl-kisite’tasik Education Facilitator, Science & Innovation

Georgia Potter-Fraser, Etl-kisite’tasik Education Facilitator, Science & Innovation

Kyana Kingbird, Indigenous Culture and Engagement Officer, NB FabLab

Killa Atencio, Engagement Coordinator, Bridge to Publishing